One Web Design that Fits Any Device

Responsive designs automatically adapt to any size screen.

As the number of mobile web-browsing devices are increasing at an incredible rate, it has become extremely important for your website to be ‘mobile-friendly’. Choose to work with Viral Wolf and your website will be built with a responsive design that will be correctly displayed on any computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone.

To see this feature in action, simply try resizing your browser or view this website from your mobile device! If this type of responsive design doesn’t fulfill your requirements, Viral Wolf can help you design a custom mobile layout, specifically for your target audience or even designed for a certain device.

Browser compatibility ensures your site is viewed right.

We ensure that each of our clients’ websites are fully compatible with all the major web browsers. Whether your customers use Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Opera, Dolphin or any others… you can rest easy knowing your website performs its best.

Get Mobile-Friendly

Only 33% of websites are mobile optimized...

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