Custom Web Design Process

Our proven web design process builds awesome, effective websites.

In order to build the best website, we must first learn all about your business or organization. Your new website should be engineered differently, depending upon the specific needs of your business. We can help you outline your entire business model, create a focused web marketing strategy, and build a custom website to serve your current customers and attract new ones.

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Work together to outline your company’s overall business model:

  • Problem & Opportunities
  • Solution & Value Proposition
  • Key Partners & Resources
  • Key Activities & Metrics
  • Customer Segments
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Cost Structure
  • Revenue Streams
Identify and focus on a specific strategy which reflects your best opportunity to capture market share within your industry:

  • Layout overall marketing goals
  • Identify specific market segments in which to focus
  • Plan which tactics are best employed to capture the market
After learning your business, we research key phrases your potential visitors are searching for online, in order to implement them into the design of your website. Then we create a sample website layout – built around your web strategy and overall business model. We consider the following factors to be most important when designing a new website:

  • Attract visitors from within your target market segments
  • Visitors must quickly understand your conveyed message
  • Convert visitors into leads and customers
  • Ability to update web content easily

The most important function of your website layout is to easily convey your message, to the certain type of customers you want to influence.

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