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Google is constantly releasing new updates in their search results ranking algorithm. Most recently, in January 2017, Google rolled out a new penalty for “Intrusive Interstitials”, aka pop-ups that might damage the mobile user experience. Other older updates include Google Panda and Google Penguin. Panda aimed to lower the ranks of poor quality sites, and return higher quality sites higher in search results. Penguin further penalizes low quality sites which violate Google’s Webmaster Guidelines by using ‘Black-Hat SEO Techniques’ such as keyword stuffing, link schemes, duplicate content, cloaking, and other shady practices.

Bottom line – if your website was created using outdated techniques (before the latest updates on how the Google search algorithms work), then your site may currently be getting penalized for using older SEO tactics. The opportunity now exists to eliminate these older, black-hat SEO tactics; and refresh your website with new, clean practices.

  • Google is constantly changing the way their search engine works.
  • Older websites, using Black-Hat SEO tactics are being penalized by Google.

  • Sites having poor content quality are now losing their search engine rankings.
  • Our SEO experts implement the newest tactics, best for optimization in 2017.

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