When it comes to Websites: Quality > Quantity

To compete online in 2015, your website must be well-organized and of high-quality.

Since February of 2011, Google now penalizes poor quality websites. Unnatural wording, redundant keywords, and unnecessary backlinking are among the worst of offenses. Many website designers of the past would use such tactics to rise the ranks of search engines, however now these same tactics are in violation of Google’s guidelines.

In addition, Google also considers overall site structure and layout organization. A website which is difficult to navigate is also labeled as low quality in the eyes of Google, and may be penalized as a result!

  • Google is now penalizing websites using old tactics such as unnatural wording and excessive keywords.
  • Websites which are difficult to navigate are also losing their search engine rankings.
  • However, it is possible to reverse the negative effects of old SEO tactics!
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